Carmel Nivas, Bailhongal

The Karnataka Provincial Chapter, May 1998, had the theme, ‘A community led by the Spirit to lead all to the Father’ which led to the recommendation to explore the possibilities for starting a mission station in an area of a Diocese, where Christian presence has not been felt. Hence, erection of Carmel Nivas as a memorial of the Silver Jubilee of the Karnataka Province came into existance. In addition, the then Bishop of Belgaum diocese, (in North Karnataka) Rt Rev. Bernard Moras wanted the Apostolic Carmel Sisters to start a mission in his Diocese and invited them.
The Sisters mainly wanted to respond to the needs of the large number of persons with disabilities in the North Karnataka region where the district of Belgaum is. Surveys were conducted by the staff of St. Agnes Special School, Mangalore, in Belgaum- Dharwad area, to detect persons with disabilities and the fact was confirmed.
The Sisters therefore arrived at Nesargi village, Bailhongal Taluk, Belgaum district and occupied a rented house on July 17, 1999. The School for the Mentally Challenged Children was officially inaugurated on July 24, 1999 and was started on July 27, 1999 in the rented residence of the sisters.
In January 2003 with the help of the Assistant Tahsildar, the Sisters purchased 3 acres of  Government land at Devalapura road, Bailhongal at the cost of Rs. 1,46,517/-. God’s providence was experienced by the Sisters as they received contribution from generous donors. The Silver Jubilee Memorial of the Province was inaugurated on March 31, 2005 by Sister Agatha Mary the then Provincial Superior of the Karnataka Province.
Community Based Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities, in 16 villages of Bailhongal Taluk started in August 2001, to cater to the large number of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Nesargi. The same continued at Devalapura Road, Bailhongal, by the Sisters until March 2011, when the 10 year phase of the project was closed.

Preparatory classes, I and II and Primary class I, was started in June 2005. Every year a class was added, and by 2014, the School had reached up to Standard X. The Sisters render services in the Educational Institution, the Residential School of the Disabled children, in the Parish and at Harugoppa village and neighbouring villages. At present the convent chapel also has Sunday Mass for the public as there is no parish.

May God be praised for holding the Sisters in the hollow of His hands and for bestowing graces through Mary, Mother of Carmel and the dear foundress Mother Veronica. May the name of the Holy Trinity be blessed now and forever more.  

Contact Details:
Carmel Nivas
Near R.T.O.
Devalapura  Road
Bailhongal – 591 102
Belagavi District
Ph. No. (08288) 292489
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1.Sister M. Bertine A.C.

2.Sister M. Claretta A.C.

3.Sister M. Rosetta A.C.

4.Sister Maria Kripalini A.C.

5.Sister M. Adelcia A.C.

6.Sister Maria Reetha A.C.