St Mary's Higher Primary School, Falnir, Mangaluru

The school owes its foundation to the outstanding parishioners of Milagres Church. Their pressing appeal for a girls’ school within their parish was a welcome idea to Mother Marie Des Anges in 1895.

The nucleus of this school was the outcome of the selfless labour of Mrs. Seraphine and Rita Saldanha who devoted themselves in teaching a band of 42 little children. This school passed into the care of the Apostolic Carmel on 10th February 1895 under the title of St. Mary’s Girls’ School. It got recognition from the Government in 1897 and developed rapidly.

In 1909 Class V had to be conducted at St. Ann’s, since accommodation was insufficient. If this school were to continue as a Secondary School, a new building on a new site was a must. It was at this critical period, that providence came to the rescue through the generous gift of the present site and building of the late Mr. M.S. Mascarenhas.

The transfer of the school from Hampankatta to Marjil house took place on January 14th 1932 after the sanction for the same was received. The school was upgraded to Primary School in 1932, with Classes I- VII and seven staff members and three sisters. At present as there is glamour for English Medium and due to the mushrooming of English Medium schools there is a difficulty in getting sufficient students for the Kannada Medium School. However the staff strives to give its best to the students entrusted to their care. Rooted in Christian values, St. Mary’s Higher Primary School promotes excellence in every field.


St. Mary’s Higher Primary School
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Year of Establishment : 1895 Aided St. Mary’s Higher Primary School, Mangaluru - 1
Status : I - VII Affiliated : Karnataka State Board



01. Sr. M. Monica A.C.
1932 - 1939

02. Sr M. Attracta A.C.
1939 - 1946

03. Sr M. Denisia A.C.
1946 - 1952

04. Sr. M. Placidia A.C.
1952 - 1955

05. Sr. M. Bernadine A.C.
1955 - 1964

06. Sr. M. Helen A.C.
1964 - 1972

07. Mrs. Remigalda Fernandes
1972 - 1983

08. Sr M. Felician A.C.
1983 - 1991

09. Sr Lucy Benedicta A.C.
1991 - 1998

10. Sr Maria Shubha A.C.
1998- 2001

11. Sr M Apolina A.C.
2001 - 2005

12. Sr Benedicta Rebello A.C.
2005 - 2012

13. Sr M Praneetha  A.C.
2012 - 2016

14. Sr Sopia Precilla Periera
    (Sr. Maria Suguna A.C.)

2016 -













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