The book of Jonah gives us a picture of a merciful God. God wanted to punish the people of Nineveh for their wickedness. But when God saw the people repenting, his Heart melt and he changed his plan. I feel very thrilled when I read the book of Jonah 4: 9-11 should I not be concerned for such great city? God’s compassion has no limits.

In the catechism class teacher taught us with practical examples to do some sacrifices for the love of Jesus. We children walking on the road hearing the noise of a vehicle would turn aside and close our eyes and tell each other for Jesus sake we do not look. This helped very much in my life. I would never get distracted in the class. This little practice to control our senses/ curiosity helped me to build relationships. Thus making sacrifices was such an interesting Joy in my childhood.

I was told if you love God a little God loves you so much. Whatever was told or read I would believe and experiment in my life. I would do some sacrifices and prove my love for Jesus and I would experience surprises and whatever I asked God I would get it. This practice continued till my novitiate.

Once our novice mistress taking up (Lk. 11:29-32) reading of the next day’s Eucharist asked us with a firm voice “Now ask for signs” immediately, the reply came from me “I have asked enough and more signs, now I don’t need any signs, I believe”. I realized that if we remain in the level of ‘SIGNS’ only, we do not grow. Miracles in one’s life should lead to relationship.

It is a known fact to live in community is not an easy task. One needs to die constantly. A few die and experience the inner Joy that no one can take away. Two religious heads working in the same campus may have to experience martyrdom. If both die it is heaven on earth and a joyful witness to others.

It happened in my life every time clash was going on because of children playing in the play ground during the games hour. Other person was getting and angry with me because her students were disturbed. One day there was no place, so I had to squeeze myself and sit under her feet for prayer, she was sitting on the chair. She took away her anger by kicking me with her leg. I pretended as if nothing had happened, after some time tears filled my eyes. I did not react. That day at breakfast, we had uppittu which I disliked very much. I whispered to Jesus “prayer was tears, at least I wanted a good breakfast. This is what you do when we love” and I started to eat, to my surprise uppittu was so tasty that I had never eaten before. I enjoyed to the full. When I asked others they told me it was like concrete. From that day onwards I love to eat and enjoy upptittu.

As one grows in relationship with God , spiritual romance becomes stronger and stronger and yet deeper. For me God is a reality, A God of surprises all through my life. God has changed everything upside down to fulfill my deepest desires. Impossible has become possible.

The more you trust God the more he amazes you. Is it not our spiritual life more beautiful, more exciting and joyful? The more you die and give joy to others, life become meaningful and joyful. Trust God and see the wonders that happened in your life.


Sister Sylvia Soares A.C.(2092)
St. Joseph’s Convent, Kundapur

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