God is the source of our life and joy. When a baby is born, everyone rejoices. God created us unto His own image and likeness. God placed our first parents, Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden. He gave this beautiful earth with all the trees and plants bearing fruits, flowers and vegetables, the birds and beasts and all creatures for the whole of humanity to continue His work of creation and enjoy the fruit of their labour with the blessing of God. So as we gaze at the flowers that open, the colourful birds that sing and taste the sweet ripe fruits, our hearts are filled with joy and gratitude.

God so loved the world that He gave His only Son to mankind. The whole world rejoices at the mystery of Incarnation – the Son of God becoming a tiny little baby. His life and teaching are a source of inspiration and joy to us. Those who hear the Word of God and keep it are deemed more blessed or happy than the mother who gave birth to Him and nourished Him.

Jesus instituted the seven sacraments of our spiritual growth and joyful living. We are privileged to receive the sacrament of Baptism and thrilled to experience the fact that God is dwelling in our hearts. The Holy Spirit abides with us to fill us with His light and Wisdom. He gives us His Love, Peace and Joy.

As Christians and followers of Jesus, We are all united in love and joy. If we observe the commandments of God and had an upright and just life, we are filled with happiness. “Rejoice you just, in the Lord”. (Ps. 96) In our struggles, we have the friendship and assistance of Mother Mary and Saints. The Word of God and Eucharist are our important sources of nourishment. What a joy to feel the presence of Jesus in our hearts when we receive Him in Holy Communion!

“Once upon Eternity God fell in love with you”. Yes, He chose us to be His own and to consecrate our life to Him. The rich man did not follow Jesus because he had lot of possessions. He went away sad. But for us A.C.s He has given us the privilege of becoming the Spouse of Jesus, given us the heritage of Carmel and following Jesus more closely through the practice of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience. The perfect joy of St. Francis of Assisi in living a life of Poverty is ours too. The life of virgin martyrs like St. Agnes fills us with joy in living a chaste life and accepting Jesus as our spouse and only treasure. Mother Veronica said “Obedience is my life”; Obedience to God’s will can work wonders in our life.

The membership of a given community makes us realize our responsibility to build Joyful Community where love and charity are found, there God abides. Arrival of guests to the community is a source of exhilaration especially to the old who like to see new faces. Our Province get together, celebrations, Feasts and Jubilees, CRI meetings etc. are occasions of meeting one another and growing in mutual respect and love. Letter writing, Province News Letters, Flos Carmeli etc. are means of sharing spiritual and intellectual treasures.

Participation in direct/ indirect apostolate, praying for the needs of the Church/ Society increases our joy in spreading God’s Kingdom. A joyful life will lead us to a Happy Death, opening the door to heaven, where there will be no more tears/ sorrows but eternal joy!


Sister M. Rosetta A.C. (1302)
Stella Maris Convent, Kotekar


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