The Karnataka Province has ventured into a new mission at Jamgi Colony, Bidar. Harkening to the call of our Pope Francis that we should go to the peripheries and live among the people, a residence for Socio-Pastoral work was started. After a proper agreement made by our Bishop and our Provincial Superior, the Carmel Niketan was born on June 24th 2017.

Staying among our own people in Jamgi Colony is a unique experience. Sisters Mildred, Jyotika, Manisha and Christine Misquith are the chosen persons by God to live our Charism among the chosen people of God, the poor of Yahweh.

Who are these people and why are they here in Jamgi colony?

30 years ago these people were in Jamgi Aurad. The Gowda of the village used to bring ration from the Government and would give only a little to the poor but would keep the rest of the share to himself. So the head of these poor people, named Nagappa S.C. saw the injustice that was going on and how his poor people were cheated. He asked that he would distribute the ration justly to the poor. He got the ration from the Government and started to distribute. Now the Gowda was jealous of Nagappa and his followers. Hence there was a big fight between Gowda and Nagappa and his followers, the (Harijans and the Christians). Nagappa’s followers thought that the Gowda would continue to harm them, so these people had a fight and in the fight Gowda was killed. The followers of Gowda filed a case against Nagappa and his followers and the police arrested them. They were in jail for 20 years. But the case was won by Harijans and the Christians after 20 years. The then D.C Mrs. Rathna Prabha thought if these people go back to their place there would be fights and murder again. Therefore she brought these people to Bidar. She gave them 20 one room houses built for 20 families, and she named the colony as Jamgi Colony.

Afterwards these 20 families brought their families too from Jamgi, Aurad to Bidar. According to the history there were 20 families in the beginning. But now there are more than 60 families, out of which 43 are Catholics.

The Christians who were in Jamgi, Aurad, were Hindus, later they belonged to New Apostolic Church. When they came to Jamgi Colony they were converted to Evangelical Church of India. But the Pastors did not care for these. They were longing for spiritual help. They requested the pastors but they were favoring only a few families. They were deprived of church services and education for children. They even requested the Bishop of that sect, but he too did not heed to their request. Their eagerness for spiritual life was so much that they requested Sister Christine Misquith to initiate them into the Catholic Church. They knew Sister Christine Misquith on account of the Self-Help-Group and Child Sponsorship Programme. With this contact and what sister had done to their children and the women, they felt confident to go to her and express their need of becoming Catholics. Sister Christine Misquith directed them to the Parish Priest and made each family to give in writing that they want to become Catholics mentioning the above reason. Their applications were sent by the Parish Priest to Bishop Robert Miranda. The Parish Priests and the sisters took keen interest in them and did their best to catechize them. In 2013 they were baptized and they became Catholics. From then on our sisters felt that they need to be followed up and all should get all round training so that they are strengthened in their faith and also come up in life. Hence we felt the need of staying among the people and see to their Socio-Pastoral needs.

We reach out through spiritual ministry on Friday at 8 p.m. - Mass for our people and Holy Hour. On Sunday we have catechism at 10. 30 a.m. followed by Mass in our prayer hall. Sisters Mildred and Manisha go to the village with social workers for SHG meeting daily. At 11 a.m. they come back and Sister Mildred teaches tailoring to women. Sister Jyotika goes to the Crèche, Sister Christine Misquith visits Jamgi colony every morning. Sister Manisha attends to computer work and documentation of our Social Work.

At 5 p.m. the children come for tuition class. All the four of us take up classes from I-PUC till 7 p.m. They have visits to the Blessed Sacrament either before or after classes. At 7 p.m. we have supper, night prayer and the three of us go to Jamgi Colony to pray the Rosary in the families from 8 – 8.30 p.m. All the families pray the Rosary at this time. One sister stays at home to supervise the studies of X and PUC students who study from 7.30-10 p.m. We are in charge of eight commissions - Bible and Liturgy, Catechism, SCC, Family, Women’s cell, ICYM, MCA and Social Development. 52 families are under our care. Each one of us has 10 families of Jamgi Colony. Every month we have 2 or 3 programmes for women, children under Carmel Seva Trust. There are plenty of opportunities for counseling individually and families. People freely share their lives with us.

We are surrounded by houses and we are fully involved in the lives of the people.

By our intervention all of us have CMC water; the truck comes door to door to collect garbage. We have asked for many facilities for the people and we hope to get them soon. Our presence is a great boon to the people. They feel they have us to care for them.

By living with them we have come to know their poor living conditions, their problems, their relationships, their drinking habits, and evil habits too. We are helping to liberate themselves from the evils that threaten them.

We have some more joys. Our well with water harvesting and the CMC water supply which is directed to the well has sufficient water for us. Within the small place in front we have produced a mini Brindavan which is admired by the people. Reaching out to the needy at Jamgi has brightened the future of so many families!

Sister Christine Misquith A.C.
CarmeNiketan, Jamgi, Bidar

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