Carmel for the Missions! 

A noble idea conceived in the mind and heart of Mother Veronica that brought her daughters, the Apostolic Carmel Sisters from France to India!!
The Inauguration of the Sesquicentennial Jubilee (1870 -2020) of the arrival of the Sisters in Mangalore and starting the mission there was on November 17, 2020 at St. Ann’s, Mangalore.

The call of the Holy Father Pope Francis to keep up the ‘Day of the Poor’ and the desire of the Provincial Superior that every community heeds to his call - the inauguration of the Sesquicentennial Jubilee was a fitting occasion to celebrate the day on November, 17. Due to unavoidable circumstances, however we the Sisters of Maria Nilaya, Bidar kept up the day on 25th November, 2019.

It was decided to celebrate the day at Hanuman Colony with the help of the ORBIT Social Worker Mrs. Rajeshwari being the animator, the SHG men and women of the locality, St. Joseph Kannada Higher Primary School and the Sisters. Sr. Freda, Superior went about organizing and seeing to the details. Mr. Krishna Patil, PSI, Gandhiganj, Mr. Nirupaksha, PSI, Market Police, Mrs. Mangala Bhagwat, Asst. Post Master and Social Activist and Rev. Fr. Stephen SDB, CWC Member were the distinguished guests.

The programme commenced at 5.45 p.m. with prayer by the children of our Children’s club, welcome by Sr. Gracy Lobo and opening note by Sr. Freda who highlighted the great love Mother Veronica and her family though rich had toward the poor citing two examples - how she and her whole household sacrificed sugar in tea and saved money for the poor, and how along with other things, they stitched clothes for the poor during their tailoring classes and that she and her siblings imbibed love for the poor from their parents. However Sr. Freda stressed that the intention of keeping up the day was not to dole money or things out to those who assembled (as usually the expectation of people here is) about 300 of them but to make them know why there prevails poverty and how to overcome it and learn to lead dignified lives.

The children of St. Joseph’s Convent Kannada Higher Primary School enacted a street play composed by Sr. Shanthi Priya, Headmistress that helped to bring awareness on how to save and come up in life rather than take loan and ruin their lives remaining poor forever.

Mr. Nirupaksha, PSI, spoke on people in this area remaining poor due to their extravagant expenses on celebrations (because others are doing) with loans taken. He also said that the bad habit of drinking brings about poverty as the husband coming home drunk daily finishing spending all his earnings, beats the wife and children, the latter then need treatment where they have to pay and the husband has nothing to contribute.

Mrs. Mangala Bhagawat, Social Activist with her vast knowledge in the field and interesting anecdotes gave examples of several people including our own Sr. Christine Misquith and Fr. Varghese SDB who live simple but contented lives and that is the only way to eradicate poverty. She also brought to the awareness of the people gathered that ‘to be born in poverty is not one’s fault but to die in poverty is one’s sin’. The same truth was also highlighted in the skit enacted by the children.

Fr. Stephen SDB, CWC Member enlightened those present on Human Trafficking, Child Labour and Child marriage which increases due to poverty.

Sr Prima Shirin was the compare and Sr Shanthi Priya proposed Vote of thanks. All the sisters along with the 4 hostel Students were present.

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