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“Look at the birds of the air, they neither sow nor reap nor gather into the barns and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” (Mathew 6:26)

As our foundress, Venerable Mother Veronica started the Apostolic Carmel with absolute trust in God, so too Mother M. Theodosia A.C. the then Superior General of the Apostolic Carmel, began Vijaymari Technical Institute, with deep trust in the Providence of God.

The girls in the rural areas could not afford to go to college due to distance or financial reasons. Many, without any training, went to Bombay and other cities seeking jobs. Some of them were in moral danger and not spiritually fortified to face the challenges of life. Mother Theodosia, saw the needs of the time and rose to the occasion. She requested MISEREOR, the West German Bishops’ Organization, for financial help to start some course to enable the poor village girls to earn for their families.

The foundation stone for the Technical Institute was laid in Maryhill Convent land, on July 29, 1964. MISEREOR provided the finances for the building and equipment of the Technical Institute and Hostel. Sisters Valerie and Rosetta were sent to Coady International Institute, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada with the scholarship from MISEREOR to undergo a Diploma Course in Social Leadership.

Vijaymari Technical Institute was blessed and inaugurated by His Excellency, The Apostolic Nuncio, Monsgr, James Knox, on May 10, 1965. The Institute opened on July 24, 1965 with 15 boarders and 9 day scholars. The courses offered were two years’ course in English Shorthand, Typewriting and Accountancy and two years Certificate Course in Tailoring. Besides these main courses they were taught Catechism, Moral Values and Spoken English and were also trained in group works such as Poultry Keeping, Laundering, Cooking, Kitchen Garden, Flower Garden and Coconut grove, House Keeping. The Sisters formed the staff rendering free and dedicated service. The girls trained were given job placements as there was a demand for these girls. Subsequently new subjects such as Computer Education, Pre-Primary Teacher Education etc were introduced according to the needs of the time.

The history of Vijaymari Convent is intertwined with the History of Vijaymari Technical Institute as the sisters resided with the students sharing all the work - manual and academic with them. Vijaymari Convent was canonically erected as a Convent on July 16, 1979. Rt Rev. Dr Basil D’Souza, Bishop of mangalore blessed the Chapel and offered Mass.

Carmel Central School started by the Karnataka Province in 2008 was handed over to Vijaymari Convent in the year 2012.

Besides teaching in the Technical Institute and Mount Carmel Central School, the Sisters are involved in teaching Sunday Catechism, First Communion Catechism, Adult Catechism, and attending ward meetings, visiting families etc.

On the October 21, 2008 the new Convent building was blessed and inaugurated and the new Chapel in 2010. A new building was inaugurated for Carmel Vikas Social Centre on June 4, 2009. Later, this centre was shifted to the Provincial House. On July 16, 2013 Carmel Vikas Social Centre building was renamed as Veronica Vihar and was occupied by the adults with special needs

The good work started by Mother Veronica to strengthen the faith of young girls is being continued and will continue through Vijaymari Convent and its Institutions.

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1.Sister M.Valerie A.C.
1965 – 1970

2.Sister M. Rosetta A.C.
1970 – 1975

3.Sister M. Fidelia A.C.
1975 – 1977

4.Sister Benedicta Baretto A.C.
1977 – 1980

5.Sister M. Fidelia A.C.
1980 – 1983

6.Sister M. Rosetta A.C.
1983 – 1989

7.Sister Lena Fernandes A.C.
1989 – 1992

8.Sister M. Winnifred A.C.
1995 – 1998

9.Sister M. Rosetta A.C.
1995 – 1998

10.Sister M. Flavia A.C.
1998 – 2004

11.Sister Maria Villa A.C.
2004 – 2007

12.Sister Maria Vinutha A.C.
2007 – 2013

13.Sister Ida Barboza A.C.
2013 – 2016

14.Sister Maria Jyothi A.C.
2016 – 2019

15. Sister Marie Lucy A.C.
2019 - 2020

16. Sister Maria Anita A.C.
2020 -

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