1. Follow up of children with substance abuse; Sensitization programme for children and women on personal health hygiene, home sanitation and environmental sanitation are conducted regularly; they now keep the house clean and tidy; plastic is disposed off according to instructions; fruit peals and vegetable waste are used for preparing organic manure; the gutters are maintained clean and the streets kept orderly, after the sensitization programme.




2. The mentally challenged children who need medical care are provided with health facilities round the year.


3. The alcoholics are admitted in the hospital and treated. Some of them have transformed their lives.





4. In general schools organize various programmes on health and hygiene for the students as well as for their parents. Health camps are conducted through various organizations and free medications are distributed both for students and their parents. In all our Schools, students are given awareness regarding Child Abuse and Safety Measures by Resource Persons. Yoga classes are conducted once a week in order to improve their basic health.





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