Boarding houses/hostels have been an adjunct to our schools/colleges from the very beginning, since good educational institutions were few and located at great distances. The parents also felt confident that their children would learn refinement and culture. There were boarding houses at St. Ann’s, St. Agnes (Bendore), St. Cecily’s (Udupi), Ladyhill, St. Mary’s (Marjil), Kundapur, Kemmanu, Modankap, Ganguli and Ashaniketan. Hostels were opened to accommodate college students (St. Agnes), teacher training institute (St. Ann’s) and technical institutes (Vijaymari and Bidar). 

1. St. Mary’s Boarding house was opened in 1939 with one boarder and two teachers.  The number of boarders had increased very much since then because of the quality education and all-round formation. It now accommodates students studying in the school as well as Pre-University College.

2. Ashaniketan Boarding house was started in the eighties to provide accommodation for the students of St. Ann’s High School and Carmel School when need arose for the St. Ann’s PUC and St. Ann’s TTI students and teachers. The atmosphere is very conducive for the well-being and all-round formation of the young girls.



3. St. Agnes Hostel was the first hostel of the Apostolic Carmel. Since 1921, students from all parts of India, especially from Kerala, Goa and the interior parts of Karnataka have sought accommodation because there was high esteem for the quality of education, faith formation and all-round growth and development of the students given at St Agnes hostel. Many needy students have been given and are still given financial help and thus get a firm footing in life. The large college campus provides ample space for the students to relax in a spirit of freedom and security. Several activities to bring out the innate talents of the students are conducted for the hostellers.  Students are given counseling as and when required. There is very great demand for hostel accommodation and many have to be refused admission for lack of space.







4. St. Ann’s Hostel: At first St. Ann’s provided hostel facilities to the Teacher Training students since the inception of St. Ann’s Teacher Training Institute. After the Teacher Training College was started in 1943, there was a separate hostel for B. Ed students. The number of students in St. Ann’s Teacher Training Institute decreased during the last decade and their hostel was closed. At present there is a great demand for hostel accommodation, not only from the students studying in St. Ann’s campus but in other institutions. Hence the old hostel and the new hostel block, which was put up recently, are almost fully occupied.  There are D. Ed, B. Ed. and M. Ed students (including religious sisters of other congregations), PUC students, a large number of students studying at St. Agnes, some students from St. Aloysius College, Srinivas College as well as students doing different courses in the city.  There is good commaderie among the students and the wardens work together for their all-round growth and development.





5. Vijaymari Hostel was started along with the Vijaymari technical school in 1965, to accommodate girls coming from economically poor section of the society, to provide opportunities, not only in technical skills (short-hand, typing, needlework, etc) but also in domestic skills (cooking, gardening etc).  At present, it accommodates students not only from Vijaymari Technical School (now a Community College) but also the low income group students studying in local high schools, colleges as well as working girls who cannot afford to live as paying guests in the city.

6. Carmel Vocational Training Institute Hostel, Bidar was started in 1999 to provide residential facilities for the students of the training institute for the young girls from the suburbs and neighbouring villages. The students take turns in cooking and keep the hostel and its premises clean. The hostel also provides accommodation to failed SSLC students who come for special coaching to complete their studies.



7. Jeevan Jyothi Boarding, Bidar: Facilitates children from villages to have value based education. Though originally under the care of Gulbarga Diocese the Apostolic Carmel has been given the charge of the boarders. Many who have gone out of the portals of the Boarding House have made a difference in the Society.




8. Carmel D.Ed.Hostel, Bidar: Is a boon to the students who come from remote villages. This hostel runs at a subsidized rate in order to give value based education to the poor and needy of the society. All the teachers who are trained have been placed in different schools and they have raised the standard of their living.



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