Far back in 1918, when Mother Aloysia was asked by the Bishop of Mangalore Rt Rev. Paul Perini, S.J. to choose between Udupi and Kallianpur, as the new field of an A.C. endeavour, she had selected the former. However, the Catholics of Kallianpur were not prepared to be left behind by the Apostolic Carmel. Once again, the people there urged Mother Sylvia to send sisters to look after the educational and spiritual needs of their daughters.

The Catholics of Kallianpur Parishners realized that girls could be given an all-round education, with a strong backing of moral and spiritual development, only by sisters. With this in mind, they urged Bishop Basil Peris and Father D.J. D’ Souza, to request Mother Sylvia, Superior General of the Apostolic Carmel, to take up the girl’s section of the Milagres High School, Kallianpur. This was a real challenge for the Apostolic Carmel, for nowhere in India did the sisters run schools or sections, under any other management than that of the Apostolic Carmel.

Long before Vatican II could meet, however, the Apostolic Carmel was thinking in terms of service in a genuine spirit of poverty. Here was a need and the Apostolic Carmel was prepared to take the risk in order to meet it. Thus, Lourdes Convent came into existence on 01-06-1956, fulfilling the dream of the Bishop and of the people of Kallianpur. The blessing of the School building and the Convent took place on 8 Apirl 1958, by the vicar, Father A.J. Tellis.

The sisters gave their best in the field of education and other apostolate for more than 50 years both in the Hifh School and the English Medium School. However, due to unavoidable circumstances the Convent had to be closed down on 30-04-2008.

1.Sister M. Columba A.C.
1956 – 1957

2.Sister M. Dionysia A.C.
1957 – 1958

3.Sister M. Emmanuel A.C.
1958 – 1961

4.Sister M. Bona A.C.
1961 – 1962

5.Sister M. Ethelrida A.C.
1962 – 1963

6.Sister M. Lourda A.C.
1963 – 1964

7.Sister M. Attracta A.C.
1964 – 1965

8.Sister M. Edith A.C.
1965 – 1966

9.Sister M. Theresine A.C.
1966 – 1967

10.Sister M. Viola A.C.
1967 – 1970

11.Sister Pauline Mary A.C.
1970 – 1971

12.Sister M. Attracta A.C.
1971 – 1971

13.Sister M. Julie A.C.
1972 – 1972

14.Sister M. Carissima A.C.
1972 – 1973

15.Sister M. Dionysia A.C.
1973 – 1975

16.Sister Mary Jane A.C.
1975 – 1978

17.Sister M. Eula A.C.
1978 – 1982

18.Sister M. Xavier A.C.
1982 – 1985

19.Sister Marie Violet A.C.
1985 – 1988

20.Sister M. Avita A.C.
1988 – 1991

21.Sister M. Priyanthie A.C.
1991 – 1997

22.Sister Maria Niveditha A.C.
1997 – 2003

23.Sister Juliana Mary A.C.
2003 – 2008

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