St Agnes English Higher Primary School, Mangaluru

St. Agnes English Higher Primary School, Mangalore was started by the Apostolic Carmel sisters on 22nd May 1965. St. Agnes the patron saint of this school was a model for the students, of all that is pure and beautiful. With the Motto “GOD IS MY STRENGTH’’ the students were inspired to choose the hard right against the easy wrong in times of conflict and temptation to yield to the allurements of this world. Sister Virgilia was the Headmistress both of the High School and the English Primary School.

The students actively participated and excelled in the various fields of education both curricular and co-curricular. There was a very good rapport among the teachers, parents & the students in the campus. The school was successful in catering to the needs of every individual under the supervision of the staff. The curricular sector was made more concrete with Teach Next displayed on smart boards and messages sent via SMS for homework and notices. Parents were informed daily regarding the progress of their children.

Various clubs, organized field trips, experiments conducted made learning easy and resourceful. The play ground was very dear to the students. They have excelled in sports, athletics, games and in extracurricular activities like dancing, Karate, Quiz, singing, dramatics, drawing etc bringing laurels for their school. ‘Sharing is caring’ is a common proverb where students participate in social service actively and voluntarily. The school has counselors with whom the students share their problems and are tactfully guided to find solutions for them.

With a view of uplifting the quality of education, it was felt that CBSE Education should be implemented for the students of the present era. Hence in 2015–16 as per the request of the parents St. Agnes English Higher Primary School switched over to CBSE syllabus.


St Agnes English Hr Pry School, Mangaluru
0824-2218233          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Year of Establishment : 1965 Unaided St. Agnes English Hr Pry School,
Mangaluru - 575001
Status : I - VII Affiliated : Karnataka State Board



01. Sr. M Virgilia A.C.

02. Sr. M Emmanuel A.C.

03. Sr. M Jacqualine A.C.

04. Sr. M. Paulina A.C.

05. Sr. Maria Sheela A.C.

06. Sr. M. Nunciata A.C.

07. Sr. M Roshan A.C.

08. Sr. Hilda Mathias A.C.

09. Sr. Juliana D'Souza A.C.
(Sr. Juliana Mary A.C.)


10. Sr. Marie Alice A.C.

11. Sr. Hilda Mathias A.C.



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