Stella Maris Higher Primary School, Kotekar, Mangalore

Mother Aloyisia started a “Holiday Villa” for the sisters of the congregation at Kotekar and in 1920 Stella Maris Convent was established. The Presence and zeal of the sisters attracted the local girls and informal education was going on for a few years. Seeing their earnestness, permission from the department was sought to open a school. Thus on June 15th 1937 Stella Maris Primary School– Kannada Medium was opened and Sr. M. Henrietta was appointed the Headmistress. At that time, Mother Josephine was the Superior General, and Sr.M.Louise was the Local superior. Though on the first day only 4 girls enrolled, the first batch had 17 students.

The strength by the end of the year rose to 92 in classes 1-5. The School received Recognition and was admitted to grant- in-aid by the President of Education Council, Calicut (Dis No 36/DEC 39.dt 18.02.1939) with a condition not more than 10% of boys to be admitted. Permanent Recognition was received to Std V with condition no boys to be allowed in Std V (Dis No 67. DEC 39 dt 10.03.1939.)The School was upgraded into Higher Elementary School in June 1939 with Std VI and VII in June 1940. As the student strength grew the classes were bifurcated and then onwards the school had two sections in each class. The Headmistresses of the past have worked hard to collect funds through parents of the students, donors; well wishes and the locals to provide the required facilities. The new building was put up and completed on 23-11-2015.

Right from its inception first priority was given to christian and Religious Education. The School gives a lot of opportunities to students to participate in Prathibha Karanji Competions,Cultural Programmes and Sports. Students have Computers, spacious classrooms , and a play ground. Children participate in Zonal and Taluk level sports and specially in “Khabadi”. Students are provided with a lot of opportunities for all round growth and to display their talents. Students moved out of this institution have excelled in every field!


Stella Maris Higher Primary School, Kotekar
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Year of Establishment : 1937 Aided Stella Maris Hr.Pry.School, Mangalore - 575 002
Status : I - VII Affiliated : Karnataka State Board



01. Sr. M. Henrieta A.C.
1937 - 1938

02. Sr. M. Louise A.C.
1938 – 1938

03. Sr. M. Nina A.C.
1938 –1938

04. Sr. M. Flavia A.C.
1939 –1939

05. Sr. M. Alexia A.C.
1939 –1940

06. Sr. M. Viola A.C.
1940 –1943

07. Sr. M. Dionysia A.C.
1943 –1949

08. Sr. M. Viola A.C.
1949 –1952

09. Sr. M. Edita A.C.
1952 –1967

10. Sr. M. Eleanora A.C.
1967 –1970

11. Sr. M. Alberta A.C.
1970 –1974

12. Sr. Stephani M
Fernandes A.C.

1974 –1975

13. Sr. M. Marcellita A.C.
1975 – 1977

14. Sr. Stephani M
Fernandes A.C.

1977 –1980

15. Sr. M. Marcellita A.C.
1980 –1983

16. Sr. M. Florinda A.C.
1983 –1987

17. Sr. M. Aniceta A.C.
1987 –1990

18. Sr. Stephani M
Fernandes A.C.

1990 –1995

19. Jacintha D’souza
(Sr. Rosilde A.C.)

1995 - 1998

20. Philomina Madtha
(Sr. M. Premlatha A.C.)

1998 –2011

21. Janeta C. Menazes
(Sr. Maria Carmel A.C.)

2011 -















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