St Agnes Kannada Higher Primary School, Mangaluru

Mother Aloysia, the second Superior General marched with the times to develop her predecessor’s work. The growing strength in St. Ann’s High School made it imperative for a new school to be opened and hence, a site was bought at Bendore in 1914. A new school St. Agnes was born with 80 children in the English Medium.

From June 1946, a series of dynamic changes took place in the field of secondary education, enforcing Kannada as the medium of instruction for all classes up to Form IV. In spite of a number of protest meetings and a joint Memorandum to the Minister of Education, the school was compelled to switch over to Kannada as First language for the Primary Section. The sisters struggled to obtain exemption from teaching in Kannada in the higher classes and finally triumphed. On 1st November 1948, the Minister for Education, who paid a visit to St Agnes, was impressed by the quality of education imparted and granted the much desired permission on the spot. With the dawn of independence, the three language formula was introduced at all levels, with the Regional Language as the Medium of Instruction, a system which persists till today.

Up till May 1988 the school was a Kannada Primary with classes I –IV and from June 1988 it was upgraded to a Higher Primary School with classes I to VII. The students studying in this institution are excelling in every sphere and those who have moved out of the portals of this institution have become leaders of integrity!


St. Agnes Higher Primary School
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Year of Establishment : 1946 Aided St. Agnes Higher Primary School, Mangaluru – 2
Status : I - VII Affiliated : Karnataka State Board



01. Mrs. Devamma

02. Sr. Teresa of Avila A.C.

03. Sr. M Aquineta A.C.

04. Sr. M Viventia A.C.

05. Mrs. Remigalda Fernandes

06. Sr. Stephani Mary Fernandes A.C.

07. Sr. M. Aniceta A.C.

08. Sr. Maria Assumpta A.C.

09. Sr. Stella Mary A.C.

10. Sr. M Fidele A.C.

11. Sr. Leera  Pinto A.C.

12. Sr. Maria Jyostna A.C.
 (Dotty Cutinha)










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