St Ann’s High School, Mangaluru

The torch lit in 1870 is still a living flame providing ‘Excelsior’ as it lights up fresh spots to venture into.  Sister Elias, the torch bearer for the first three years handed over the responsibility to Sister Aloysia in 1873, who cut out by the Master’s hand for an unusual venture, for a fully dedicated 36 years proved herself as an excellent educator with tremendous courage and an inborn farsightedness.

The history of St. Ann’s, goes back to the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition, who were invited by Bishop Michael Antony to open a school for girls, which they did in 1859. The school was housed in an old building called the ‘Bungalow’. In 1866 a gable of the building gave way and hence the school moved to Jeppu.   Soon Bishop Michael Antony got the ‘Bungalow’ overhauled and started a small school calling it St. Ann’s School. This was the school that the Apostolic Carmel sisters took over on their arrival in Mangalore in 1870.

In 1874, the ground floor of St. Ann’s main school building was constructed for the ever increasing number of pupils that sought admission. In the meantime the South Kanara mission passed into the hands of the Jesuits, the worldwide reputed educationists. The Rev. Fr. Urban Stein S.J. from St. Mary’s College, Bombay was appointed Manager of St. Ann’s Girls High School in January 1879.

During the period 1884-1888 the institution was raised to the status of a High School. Government recognition was secured and the school was brought in line with other institutions of the kind in the Presidency. At the first Matriculation Examination, Louisa Coelho won the Krupabhai Sathynathan Gold Medal for ranking first in the Presidency. St. Ann’s High School continued to grow under the matchless leadership of Mother Aloysia.     In 1961, a unique honour was conferred on the most outstanding schools in the district and St. Ann’s was upgraded into a Higher Secondary School in 1964.

Even though the Higher Secondary Section was discontinued, to accommodate the pressing need for starting a women’s Junior College in Mangalore, the Management decided to open the Two year Pre – University Course with all the three disciplines - Science, Commerce and Arts in 1997.The torch of education lit in 1870 is still a living flame and the motto ‘EXCELSIOR’ indicates the goal - Always Higher, Always Greater and Always Nobler.

June 2013 the winds of change swept through the St. Ann’s Campus as the new Carmel CBSE School was started. The P.U.C occupied the High School building and St. Ann’s High School was shifted to the Carmel School.  A second floor and the 2nd floor of the T.T.I block connected to it. The students of St. Ann’s High School have always kept up to their school motto ‘Excelsior’ and have striven for excellence in the academic field.


St. Ann’s High School
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Year of Establishment : 1870   Aided St. Ann’s High School,   
Mangaluru – 575 001
Status : VIII-X Affiliated : Karnataka State Board



01. Sr. M. Elias A.C.
1870   -   1873

02. Sr. M. Aloysia A.C.
1873   -   1909

03. Sr. M. Beatrice A.C.
1909   -   1913

04. Sr. Marie Ange A.C.
1913   -   1914

05. Sr. M. Agnes A.C.
1914   -   1917

06. Sr. M. Magdalene A.C.
1917   -   1928

07. Sr. M. Eugenie A.C.
1928   -   1932

08. Sr. M. Gabrielle A.C.
1932   -   1934

09. Sr. M. Machtilda A.C.
1934   -   1937

10. Sr. M. Gertude A.C.
1937   -   1939

11. Sr. M. Gabrielle A.C.
1939   -   1941

12. Sr. M. Philomena A.C.
1941   -   1943

13. Sr. M. Celine A.C.
1943   -   1949

14. Sr. M. Aimee A.C.
1949   -   1953

15. Sr. M. Aquilina A.C.
1953  -    1955

16. Sr. M. Bernadette A.C.
1955   -   1959

17. Sr. M. Concetta A.C.
1959   -   1963

18. Sr. M.  Aquilina A.C.
1963   -   1964

19. Sr. Maria Rosa A.C.
1964   -   1966

20. Sr. M. Benita A.C.
1966   -   1976

21. Sr. M. Carissima A.C.
1976   -   1978

22. Sr. M. Virgilia A.C.
1978   -   1981

23. Sr. M. Louella A.C.
1981   -   1982

24. Sr. M. Devina A.C.
1982   -   1984

25. Sr. M. Gracina A.C.
1984   -   1987

26. Sr. M. Louella A.C.
1987   -   1991

27. Sr. M. Carissima A.C.
1991   -   1998

28. Sr. Marie Lucy A.C.
1998   -   2007

29. Sr. Maria  Sudeepa A.C.
2007   -   2013



30. Sr. M. Elena A.C.
2013  - 2020



 31. Sr Latha Castelino A.C.
(Sr Maria Lathika A.C.)
2020 -











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