Religious Name :

Sister Mary Vincentina of our Lady of Mount Carmel

Maiden Name :  Dulcina Souza
Religious No :  742
Native Place :  Bondel
Parish :  St. Ann's Church, Kelarai, Mangalore
Diocese :   Mangalore Diocese
State :  Karnataka
Date of Birth :  05.03.1925
Date of First Profession : 19.04.1949
Date of Perpetual Profession : 21.05.1954
Status : ……………..
RIP 25-04-2019





"Whether we live or whether we die, we belong to the Lord." (Rom 14:8); these words of St. Paul summarize the life of our dear Sr. Vincentina. Her spirituality was that of a little child: She always found her security in the Lord, by belonging completely to her Heavenly Father. Her child-like prayer like a refrain was addressed daily to the Lord, "I am your child Lord, I belong to you"; it was like a heart beat rhythmically prayed as she walked to her room, to and fro; indeed it reflected her Father-child relationship. Her constant re-assuring words to anyone who approached her with problems was, "God will provide, for we belong to Him". That was the unwavering faith, unfailing trust, undaunted hope of Sr. Vincentina in the providential care of the Father.

Sr. Mary Vincentina was born on 5th March 1925 in her maternal ancestral house at Bondel, to Mr. John D'Souza and Pietas Saldanha. She became a child of grace on the day she was baptized and was christened Dulcine D'Souza. She was the eldest in the family of 12 children, with 4 boys and 8 girls. Hers was a close-knit family where love was found and prayer was the fragrance of life. Her siblings looked up to her as their second mother, with great affection, respect and reverence. She was to them a persona of grace, blessings and a pillar of strength. Till the time of her dying day, the frequent visits paid to her, by her siblings, nephews, nieces and even grand nieces and nephews reflects the deep love and affection they had for her.

Dulcine's God fearing parents lived in Kelarai and the family of 12 children grew up in this home in peace and contentment. They offered 4 of their girls to the service of the Lord as religious. Sister Vincentina in the Apostolic Carmel, Sister Rosemarie in the Ursuline Franciscans and Sister Neera and Sister Shalini in the Congregation of St. Charles Borromeo.

Dulcine, at the age of 22, hearkened to the voice of her Beloved, "Come follow Me" and with the blessing of her parents joined the Apostolic Carmel on 7th February 1947 and made her first profession on 19th April 1949. Thereafter her mission began from 1949 to 2009, 60 years in active service, even up to the age of 84 years! In the tenure of these 60 years, Sr. Vincentina offered her joyful hidden services in the House of God wherever she was sent by holy obedience - St. Joseph's Convent, Kundapur, St. Mary's Convent, Mapuca, Rosa Mystica Convent, Aldona, Mount Carmel Convent, Pune, Stella Maris Convent, Ullal, Carmel Convent Ashanikethan, Maryhill Convent, Mangalore and St. Mary's Convent Marjil for the second time when she returned in 2013 and spent her final days here. Her long relentless service in the vineyard of the Lord, marked with great love for God was an inspiration to all. Joy in service was the motto of her life. She accepted the work assigned to her in God's house, with an attitude of resignation and willingness of heart. Running the kitchen department, a task she fulfilled, with perfection and discipline, for 60 long years, in places wherever she was sent, as an Apostolic Carmel Sister, is recorded by her angel in the book of life never to be effaced.. She found her deep joy in serving the Lord with an eager and humble heart like Martha. Being in the novitiate at Maryhill for 25 long years, hundreds of sisters, especially the Novices have relished the daily food prepared by her as an outcome of her excellent culinary skills. She performed her work with great passion, in order that all the formees in their initial years of religious life, grew up to be strong and healthy members of the congregation to carry out the mission entrusted to them, with zeal and shaped in good health.

She accepted life as the greatest gift from God and her sole passion was to live a glorious life for God and others, radiating joy, creating laughter, bringing warmth and happiness to others! Indeed, God blessed her with a long life of 94 years. Though she was enfeebled in health towards the end, her spirits were always fervent and young. She was the joy of the community. Sisters flocked round her like little honey bees for the nectar of fun and relaxation. With her wit and humour, the community had hearty recreations. She loved the company of sisters and looked forward with eagerness to meet them.

Love was the driving force of her life. She was a loving and lovable person of the community. She always had an appreciative word for others. There was never a complaint or a negative word on her lips. Forgiving and forgetting the injury was second nature to her. If at all she failed in love, through a rude word or slipped in showing patience and love, she would show her repentance to such an extent, that any angry person would melt down immediately to peace and reconciliation. Her day was spent in a life of loving service from dawn to dusk. Tenderness was her language, affection her charm, endurance her hallmark. She had a soft corner for the poor. The domestic helpers found great joy to work with her.

The more we live, the greater we appreciate God's blessings. Her life was a life of gratitude and child-like wonder. She could only see the beauty of God around her, His presence in people. To every act of kindness done to her, she would express her gratitude with great tenderness of heart. In whichever community she was placed she held on to the flame of loyalty, loving obedience and found peace and serenity in carrying out God's will, manifested through the instrumentality of her superiors. She spread joy through silent bearing and an ever sweet angelic smile.

The celebration of the daily Eucharist was her strength and sustenance of soul. In spite of her infirmity and feeble joints, she would drag herself every morning to the chapel, make efforts to stand at mass, even with the painful knee, pray the rosary raising her hands and whisper the prayer of submission and surrender.

She never sought the limelight but reflected the Lord's hiddenness and obscurity through her simple and humble ways. She had given her all to the Lord like the widow's mite at the temple offering. She participated in all the community exercises till she had a fall and fractured her hip bone in February 2019. After the surgery she was confined to bed in spite of the great efforts of the physiotherapist to make her walk again. Gradually her food intake became very scanty, her digestion slowed down accompanied by disorientation and derailment. Her verbal communication had stopped. From early April onwards Sister Vincentina was unconscious. The anointing of the sick was administered to her by Rev Fr. Valerian D'Souza, the Parish Priest a fortnight before. The Superior Sister Maria Gloria, the sisters of the community and her family members comforted her through their visits and prayers. On Good Friday April 19, 2019 was the Platinum Jubilee of her Religious Profession. Due to her unconscious state, we were not able to celebrate this wonderful occasion, but we just offered prayers of thanksgiving for the gift of seventy sacred years of her consecrated life during Morning Prayer. On Thursday 25 April, Sister Vincentina suffered from convulsions and breathlessness for the last few hours Doctor Roshan was called and he told the Superior that her end had come. Hence Rev. Father Ravi Santosh Kamath SJ. administered the Last sacraments and anointed her. Our devoted domestic staff Calista was available round the clock to attend on her under the direction of Sr. Ellen Marie. A.C. Sister Angeline Mathias, her prayer companion, together with other sisters offered continuous prayers at her bed side. and with a peaceful surrender, she winged her flight to God at 3.30 pm. The following day, her mortal remains were brought to the convent around 1.30 p.m. Since there was a nuptial Mass fixed at 4 p.m. in the Milagres Church, the funeral had to be delayed and was fixed for 5.30 p.m. Around 3.30 p.m. our Bishop Rt Rev Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha visited the Chapel and blessed her remains and offered his prayers and condolences. Around 5 p.m. Rev Fr. Edwin Monis the Assistant Parish Priest conducted the funeral prayer in the convent Chapel together with the sisters, family members and others We said a loving adieu on behalf of our Superior General, Sr. Susheela and her team, Our Provincial Superior Sr. Carmel Rita and her team, Sr. Gloria the Superior of St. Mary's Convent and community members, sisters of Karnataka Province and all the members of her loving family. A tribute of love and fond remembrance was recorded from the sisters of St. Mary's Convent, Marjil. The funeral cortege wended its way to the Parish and the Eucharist was celebrated at 5.30 p.m. with. Rev. Father Pius James D'Souza OCD, the Episcopal Vicar as the main celebrant together with four other celebrants. On behalf of the Community the Eulogy was rendered by Sister Rachana A.C. .Rev. Father Valerian D'Souza the Parish Priest officiated at he funeral rites and everyone present accompanied dear Sister Vincentina's mortal remains in an attitude of prayer to the cemetery to lay her there to rest. Our dear Provincial Superior Sister Carmel Rita will remember April 26, 2019 not only as the day St. Ann's Convent and the Province celebrated her Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession with a heart filled with thanksgiving, but also she ended the day by accompanying Sister Vincentina to her resting place and covered her beautiful face with a clean white handkerchief and laid her to rest. Dear Sister Vincentina is really a privileged soul to have been escorted to heaven with a great number of persons - the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel, the Tertians and Postulants, the family members and sisters of many other local congregations, the AC Associates, the parishioners, the neighbours with people spilling out of the church and the cemetery filled with so many people around her grave! The superior and sisters of St. Mary's Community remain grateful to the Rector & community St. Aloysius College for their daily spiritual ministry of celebrating mass and blessing Sr. Vincentina with this privilege of participating in the daily Eucharist. We wish to express our profound sense of gratitude to Rev Fr. Pius D'Souza, the Episcopal Vicar for Religious, for celebrating the mass and for the meaningful homily preached, to the Parish Priest of Milagres Church Rev Fr. Valerian D'Souza for his pastoral support and presence, direction and timely help, our heartfelt thanks to our Superior General Sr. Susheela, Provincial Superior Sr. Carmel Rita & her team for their visits and supportive presence. We are indebted to Dr. Roshan M for his availability & medical treatment, our grateful thanks and blessings to Calista our domestic staff for her loving care & service. Our condolences to all the family members of Sr. Vincentina. May she intercede for all of us.

Bio Data

Name in Religion :                       Sr. Mary Vincentina of our Lady of Mount Carmel
Date of Birth :                               05.03.1925
Date of Entrance to Postulancy : 07.02.1947
Date of First Profession :            19.04.1949
Date of Final Profession :           21.05.1954
Date of Decease :                       25.04.2019
Date of Burial :                            26.04.2019
Place of Burial :                          Our Lady of Miracles Church cemetery, Milagres Mangalore

A Tribute of Love from

Superior and Community, St.Mary's convent Marjil.

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